About Akroline
Our reputation is based on the key elements of competent staff and enthusiasts. Akroline transports in-depth knowledge in the world of shipping and logistics business, and also the movement of international experience in all aspects of shipping and logistics services.

To be the partner of choice, developing intelligent Supply Chain solutions and delivering the highest level of Service, Quality and Efficiency. Our most important asset we have, you’re working with professionals trust.

We have built a commitment to excellence in every little detail and talking about what is important to us. Our company is built on the basis of the common goal of culture and priorities based on the needs of our customers. Akroline is an independent company that bases its code of conduct on the traditional values.

We started from Emeessa international transport in 1999 to create later Akroline Logistic Services. Our work domain is the transport activities and logistics services.
Akroline logistics services is proud of being one of the first specialized in customs clearance companies and provide the best services to our customers services and extend to the transport from around.

Some of Our Values

We are leaders in safety standards, and parcel delivery is part of our daily lives.

We have a wide range of insurance package, an to insure your shipment and delivered on time.

Akroline Logistics is a leading logistics and shipping.